The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily routines, including our increased use of sanitisers to protect ourselves and those around us. We all know that alcohol can effectively kill viruses such as Covid-19, but this does not come without a number of other not so practical effects. One of the most notable outcomes of our increased reliance on alcohol-based sanitiser is the effect it has on leather surfaces.

PanelTex are a leading UK manufacturer of refrigerated and specialised commercial vehicle bodies, producing everything from the largest trailers to the smallest vans.

Last year, a client of PanelTex reported that their vehicles were becoming damaged as a result of rigorous cleaning routines implemented to combat the spread of Covid-19. The client was using a solution containing 70% alcohol to disinfect their vans multiple times per day to protect its staff and customers, unaware of the impact it would have on the vehicles themselves.

Alcohol, which is a stripping agent, rapidly breaks down the protective coating on leather surfaces and leaves them vulnerable to discolouration, flaking and general wear and tear. The client noticed that the leather seats, gear sticks and steering wheels within their vans had quickly become worn. They also found that their electric window mechanisms no longer worked after the alcohol sanitiser had corroded the electric components.

After reading an article about Moore MedTech in the Yorkshire Post, PanelTex reached out to us to provide them with a sanitising solution that would not compromise the quality of their vehicles. They wanted a sanitiser that was proven to kill Covid-19, as well as being delicate on skin and leather surfaces.

PanelTex label showing their vehicles are sanitised using Moore MedTech alcohol-free sanitiser


Chris Berridge, Managing Director of PanelTex, spoke to us about his experience with our sanitiser:

“The science behind your product gives us the confidence that it really does work, that’s the most important thing for me. There’s no point in us all wiping our hands with something that doesn’t kill the virus. And it’s definitely kinder to your skin than other sanitisers we’ve tried”.

Our alcohol-free formula means that they can use our sanitiser again and again without damaging the pristine leather interiors of their vehicles. It also disinfects without leaving behind any strong odours or sticky residue and will not dry out your skin like its alcohol-based equivalent.

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