At Moore Medtech, we have built our product portfolio to manage the three main stages in fighting the coronavirus: clean your environment, test people before they re-enter and protect those people once they are in the environment.
CLEAN: Our cleaning products differ from the majority of the market as they are not based on corrosive alcohol and can, therefore, be used in sensitive environments and on delicate items. The natural formula also leaves a lasting barrier on surfaces, enabling a sustainable passive cleaning solution.

TEST: We have sourced the most accurate sub £100 test kits available and had our Doctor review them for herself. These kits are now with the UK government testing and aim to be the first rapid test kits to get Public Health England approval.

PROTECT: FAR-UV is a technology that kills almost all known viruses and bacteria and is used in the medical and military field. It has been around for many years but was dismissed by businesses as an unnecessary expense. The coronavirus pandemic has become the tipping point for this technology, and it will soon become as commonplace as sprinkler systems. With experts and high profile thought leaders like President Obama are predicting future pandemics, businesses now understand the cost of not having their workplaces protected. Expect to start seeing this technology wherever people congregate, airports, offices, cinemas, gyms and on public transport networks, planes trains buses and ambulances.